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What an amazing month September has been! I took a two week trip to Thailand, and got to visit some amazing friends and buy new awesome products! Us and our teacher friends! In Chiang Mai & Bangkok I can't wait to share the new stuff with you all!! We have a TON of new, amazing bags, beautiful skirts, and ADORABLE kids pants. You'll be able to match with your toddler soon!  We (my boyfriend and I) took a side trip to Cambodia to pick up some really cool paintings that I hope you all will love, and these awesome bags...

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I lived in Thailand for six months as an English teacher, and traveled all across the country while I was there. While I might not be a travel expert, I have plenty of tips and advice to share that will make your trip even more enjoyable!  Bring plenty of bug spray! The mosquitoes there are no joke, and you will get bitten constantly. As much as you might dislike it, the best working sprays are the ones with 50%+ DEET, save yourself the misery and invest in a couple of bottles. Also, use Tiger Balm on your bites to help...

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